My New Job: Senior Associate at Justice & Sustainability Associates, LLC

On the evening of the Autumn Equinox (September 22, 2020), I accepted an offer to join the Washington, DC-based consulting firm Justice & Sustainability Associates, LLC as a Senior Associate (working from Miami). I will be leading the firm’s Governance practice and working on projects in its Parks & Open […]


The Tiger King, the Electronic Panopticon and the Human Zoo

The Tiger King documentary series on Netflix allows viewers to gaze into the unsettling world of tiger-breeding. It also reflects legacies of white supremacy. How? Read further. The Electronic Panopticon According to anthropologist Andrea Friedus, the “electronic panopticon” allows the public to view the actions and behaviors of working-class people. […]


Roots and Connections

From as early as I can remember, my mother taught me to have a deep reverence for nature, and to see myself as part of the natural world instead of separate from it.


Viral White Supremacy and the Racialization of a Pandemic

Before we all became aware of COVID-19, we were already suffering from another kind of pandemic–one that has lasted centuries. White supremacy is itself like a virus, infecting hearts and bodies with hatred and fear and infecting systems, practices and policies in ways that maintain body-breaking inequalities. The opportunists who […]


Inlakech and “Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo”: You Are My Other Me”

A “lesson of love” I learned years ago was shared with me by Javier Gomez, a Chicano educator in Oxnard, California. He taught me about the Mayan expression of Inlakech. In 2007, Javier was inducted into the Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame. Below see an interview with Javier Gomez […]


Serving on the Advisory Board of Little Havana Me Importa

Earlier this year, I was asked to serve on the Advisory Council for ¡Little Havana Me Importa! The goal of this project is develop a Little Havana master plan aimed at retaining the area’s character, density, scale and affordability. Project partners include PlusUrbia Design, the National Heritage Trust, Live Healthy Little Havana […]


  • We literally just heard you speak in the course … I had to e-mail you immediately and let you know how much of an inspiration you were. You shared so much knowledge and personal experience that it really helped many of us eagerly want to start our personal projects.

  • Corinna Moebius is the perfect tour guide to show and teach you about the life, history, events, and the people who are currently part of Little Havana’s neighborhood. The first time I arranged a tour with Corinna was in 2012 for the preparatory school where I work at. Needless to say that both the students and I were fascinated by her knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion. Ever since, we have organized educational tours for several of our Spanish classes. Each year Corinna adds new information and details to her tours. She keeps current and shows fascinating details and insights that make the experience memorable wanting to come back to Little Havana. I highly recommend Corinna to any family member or friend who comes to visit Miami. Furthermore, I would recommend it to any high school teacher who would like to integrate and connect its curriculum to the outside world.

  • The program you put together was excellent! It seems that you have touched on a topic that is of interest to many people. I suspect you could have been there another two hours answering questions.

  • Moebius was interactive and also you can tell she was knowledgeable and passionate about community building. I am glad for her expertise and perspective, her links and examples were applicable and helpful.

  • Please know that you have been an inspiration to me. You taught me that with a little bit of courage, a little bit of passion, a little bit of vision, and a lot of energy, you can create change in others and yourself. Thank you for all you taught me and all you gave me.

  • Corinna is the architect of the famous ‘Quadrangle Strategy’ that is the foundation on which ALL the rest of what we did for public involvement rests. I recall the first time Corinna sketched it out for us at HNTB’s office. It was like ‘Damn, that’s brilliant!’ So on behalf of everybody on the project team and all the residents who will never know how they came to be informed, educated and engaged as well as they did, Corinna, ‘thank you for everything.’

  • Corinna has a deep, intuitive sense about different learning styles, interpersonal reactions to group activities, and creating space for individual co-learning and expression. She sees the forest, and each tree at the same time. She can communicate complex material in a form that everyone understands: via word, image, sound, motion, and silence. I would never venture into a group synthesis activity without her wisdom.

  • We must all agree the mood and quality of Viernes Culturales has changed drastically and positively in the last few months! That Corinna Moebius has been our executive director during that same time is no coincidence. We are truly blessed to have someone of her stance, caliber and integrity as our director.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Moebius very much. She has inspired me to go back to my community and impact change. She has invigorated me in a profound way! I love her session. She is awesome!! Bring her back. Miami needs to hear her.

  • I was introduced to Corinna through a mutual business associate who described her as “an individual who is truly connected to the heart of Miami.” He wasn’t kidding! My husband and I have been able to indulge in a great deal of travel and in those travels we’ve met some amazing tour guides. These are people who live and breathe the essence of their cities and neighborhoods. Corinna is such an individual. She has been meticulous in her study and understanding of Little Havana, one of Miami’s most storied neighborhoods. Not only does she “walk the beat” as a resident of Little Havana, she has also researched the complex and fascinating history of the neighborhood including the blend of multiple cultures and races as well as the socio-economic forces behind it. With Corinna you’re not only gaining access to a passionate resident of Little Havana you’re also learning about the neighborhood from an academic who approaches her subject of study meticulously without cutting corners. Let’s just say you are getting your investment back threefold on a tour with her because she brings her skill sets as a cultural anthropologist and author to her craft of tour guide.So if you have ever been curious about Little Havana, which if you are new or old resident of Miami you absolutely should be curious about this gem of a community, or if you are just visiting, Corinna is your best bet to truly understand the heartbeat of this community. Highly, highly recommend her tours!