Learn, Connect and Find Wholeness

If you’re like me, you feel called to help cultivate a more just, inclusive and regenerative world. You envision a future where humans honor our intimate connection with Nature and our interconnectedness with one another, as part of communities large and small.

Divisiveness and destruction seem to tear the world apart, but there are glimmers of new possibilities. If you’re feeling disoriented and overwhelmed by dramatic and constant change, you are not alone. As our industrialized society collides with ecological realities and historical legacies, we’re experiencing massive human/environment costs and ever-widening inequality and injustice.

Intuitively, you understand that a new paradigm will require people to get out of their boxes and shift their thinking. But how do you find wholeness, inspiration, and purpose when the ground is constantly shifting beneath your feet?

Start with the seed: Inspired, integrative and embodied knowledge. Knowledge can change the world, especially when it transforms the very way that you perceive yourself and your relationships to people and planet.

Welcome, Inspired Souls!

Corinna J. Moebius
Corinna J. Moebius, Ph.D.

I help people like you release the mental “disciplining” of white supremacy and tap into the knowledge necessary for an alternative future — one in which we honor the Earth, collaborate and build community with one other, and learn how to confront and heal from our destructive past.

I am not a psychologist, a corporate diversity trainer, a spiritual guru, or a career coach.

I’m an interdisciplinary social scientist (anthropology, geography) who has conducted extensive research on white supremacy in the U.S. and Latin America. I have a spiritual calling to help people liberate themselves from narrow understandings of themselves and of the world: understandings grounded in legacies of slavery, settler colonialism, imperialism and the Industrial Revolution.

If you’ve been to traditional trainings or workshops, what I offer is very different. I teach through a combination of guided, multi-sensory walking experiences (alone or in a group), online (and ideally in-person) multimedia learning, and creative, hands-on activities.

A lot of workshops related to race are very U.S.-centric, ignoring the fact that forces of white supremacy began long before 1619, and that white supremacy is a global phenomena. If you want to truly liberate your mind, you need to learn how forces and ideas cross geographic borders and how the past relates to the present. How and why have you been socialized to think, feel and behave in certain ways? Liberate your mind, and then learn how you can move forward as a critical, conscious thinker with a collaborative, unhindered, inspired spirit.

If we want to fully engage with today and prepare for tomorrow,
we need to unleash the power of deep knowledge.

Corinna J. Moebius