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Thought-Provoking Walking Tour Experiences


My lecture-tours are mind-shifting experiences.

I don’t sell you a single story and the stereotypes that go along with it. Instead, I help you discover HOW people have used the built environment to manufacture myths about race, heritage and nation. The design of neighborhoods, buildings, monuments and public spaces shapes how we understand (and treat) ourselves and others as racialized beings.

Racial myths have very real and tangible effects on people’s lives. 

Walking tours offer a powerful opportunity to teach about race, racism and white supremacy, as I have learned from more than a decade developing and leading my own tours.

When I first started leading walking tours of Little Havana in 2007, I propagated some of the myths about the neighborhood. After conducting intensive research on Little Havana, I started to challenge these myths. I also build on the knowledge I’ve gained from the study of global histories of white supremacy and colonialization.

I use “tourism” to confront stereotypes instead of perpetuate them. I use tours to help people understand and interrogate strategies of white supremacy.

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Corinna Moebius leading walking tour

U.S./Cuba heritage mural

Secrets of Little Havana: A “Making Heritage” Tour

Are you curious about stories that are silenced?
Do you want to know how myths become “history”?
Do you care about the people excluded from “official” histories? When you learn about the “making” of Little Havana, you also learn about the making of ideas about race, ethnicity and immigration in the U.S. and Latin America: ideas reflected in the headlines of today.

Antonio Maceo commemoration in Little Havana

Black Little Havana Tour

On this unique walking tour of Little Havana, I share stories about people of African descent invisibilized, under-represented, or misrepresented in popular accounts about Little Havana, Cuba and Latin America. Learn about the contributions of Afrodescendants; creative acts of resistance, resilience and black placemaking; and U.S./Latin American histories of racial segregation, anti-black policymaking and anti-black violence.

Calle Ocho Yemaya

Urban Eco-Spirituality Walk

On this lecture tour in Little Havana, I teach about eco-spirituality as a practice of resilience and connection. How do we cope in a world still enduring the effects of colonialism? How do the lessons of eco-spirituality help us re-define our relationship with what we think of as “nature”? How might we think differently about our bodies and our relationship to “the body”? How might we recognize the sacred in our everyday landscapes? We’ll reflect on these topics during this walk.

Little Havana Field Trips for Students & Scholars

If you are an educator (K-12, college, university),  looking for a highly engaging visit to Little Havana for your students, look no further. I have customized field trips for numerous student groups from around the world. I can also design this experience to connect with your curriculum

Private & Custom Tours

Want to customize your Little Havana tour for a special occasion or group? Previous clients of my custom tours have included award-winning journalists, international scholars, public officials, CEOs, students and teachers, changemakers, professional groups and associations, high-level nonprofit donors, foundations, celebrities, and families, among others.