Courses & Workshops

Until further notice, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering my workshops and classes via Zoom.

Build your critical awareness in an environment that is welcoming and inspiring. Transform the way you think about yourself, others and the natural world. I offer courses and workshops on topics such as white supremacy and white nationalism, race-making and place-making, and race and eco-spirituality.

I strive to make all my classes and workshops “WHOLE”:

World Cafe


  • accessible (so you understand what I’m talking about!)
  • an environment of caring and trust, not fear or shame
World Cafe


  • with activities and optional homework to aid comprehension
  • filled with practical steps/tips for your daily life


  • participatory (so we can learn from each other, too)
  • recognizes how racialization can shift based on context


  • highlights the connections between the past and present
  • supported by peer-reviewed research from the social sciences


  • Powerful and original content (expect Aha! moments)
  • meaningful and relevant (connected to the issues of the day)

2020 Courses

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Global White Supremacy & White Nationalism

In this 5-week course, learn about strategies and practices of global white supremacy, especially in the U.S. and Latin America. The course focuses on subtle, coded and yet powerful ways that white supremacist ideas become part of “everyday” spaces, ideas, narratives and practices. Learn how people are recruited into practices of white supremacy and institutionalized racism, even if they don’t identify as racist.

We’ll examine white supremacy as (1) an economic strategy; (2) a political system and (3) a religious cult. You will also learn about the role of various kinds of violence in helping to maintain white supremacy.

I name specific strategies and myths of white supremacy, with a close look at those involving placemaking and ideas about nature and “the natural.” You’ll also learn how people how people of all backgrounds have used place-based or place-oriented strategies to creatively resist and disrupt practices of white supremacy, past and present.

Disinvest in Whiteness:
Re-Imagining “The American Dream”

Learn how to assess the role of whiteness in your sense of self, even if you do not identify as “white.” In my series of four workshops, learn how the cult of white supremacy lures people in through the story of the American Dream.

Find out how people have started to “disinvest” in white supremacy and whiteness mentally, physically and spiritually, bringing a new sense of wholeness to their lives. I will share tools that can help you disinvest in white supremacy, too.

Race-Making and Placemaking

Liberty City

This five-week course focuses on how the relationship between the making of place and the making of ideas about race.

It uses Miami (and Florida, more generally) as a case study, but also incorporates case studies from other parts of the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. It offers a transnational perspective on placemaking and practices of white supremacy.

This course is essential for people concerned about equitable and inclusive placemaking.

Spirit(s) of Place in a Racialized World

Emancipation Day

Learn about the role of ideas about eco-spirituality in both confronting (and helping to maintain) white supremacy.

Placemaking & Racial Solidarity: Then & Now


In this inspiring workshop, learn invisibilized histories of interracial alliances, “racial mixing,” and the threat of ideas of “wholeness” and whole systems to practices and ideologies of white supremacy.

Workshop & Facilitation Experience

In my workshops, know that you will benefit from not only my scholarly knowledge and “embodied wisdom” learned from years of learning from griots outside of academia, but also from my years of experience teaching workshops and facilitating community dialogue.

Dialogue and Public Process Facilitation

World Cafe
Facilitated a World Cafe dialogues at Imagine Miami Changemaker Conferences

I am trained in the World Cafe method and Everyday Democracy’s Dialogue to Change process. Over the years, I’ve designed welcoming spaces and moments for people to connect with each other in meaningful ways. I have planned and facilitated many encounters where people with diverse social identities have connected and shared openly with each other, without fear.

My workshops also benefit from my background in public process facilitation, which I learned from nationally renowned facilitator Mencer “Don” Edwards of Justice & Sustainability Associates. I have helped people navigate through times of change and benefit from the diversity of voices, ideas and opinions that contribute to more just, inclusive and sustainable neighborhoods and cities.  

Arts and Civic Engagement

I also have a background in using creative arts, storytelling and “walks” for group connection and engagement, and I incorporate these techniques into my workshops–even my virtual workshops. I have taught workshops on arts and civic engagement for nearly a decade. I initiated Miami’s first Summit on Arts & Civic Engagement. The founders of the National Endowment for the Arts’ Animating Democracy initiative trained me in arts and civic engagement methods.

Past Workshop/Facilitation Topics

For example, I have facilitated public conversations on topics including:

  • civic and creative placemaking;
  • building a system for healthy, local food;
  • connecting local assets to create a stronger city;
  • addressing limited access to healthy food in low-income communities of color;
  • connecting artists with activists and people working for social change;
  • cultural and historic preservation in a changing city;
  • arts and civic engagement in diverse communities;
  • neighborhood-based placemaking visioning.