Creative Interventions

My exposure to traditions of street theater, performance art and sacred/folkloric dance, black placemaking, and arts and civic engagement
inspire my interest in what I call “interventions.”

Plant on a wall

What Are Interventions?

Interventions Disrupt Borders … Creatively

We encounter our fellow human beings in public spaces: streets, parks, plazas. We cross paths in the crossroads: a site perhaps most dangerous to those who prefer we “stay in place.” In the crossroads, after all, we may discover that the stranger has more in common with us that we realized, or that our stories, brought together, form a larger truth.

The creative storytelling “interventions” I organize — and those of others that I highlight — engage the power of the trickster that lives at every crossroads. In this section, I will be sharing past, present and future projects that use the arts — and especially performing arts, in public spaces, to creatively confront racial orders and racial borders.