Viviana Rueda

“I was introduced to Corinna through a mutual business associate who described her as “an individual who is truly connected to the heart of Miami.” He wasn’t kidding.

As a recent transplant to Miami I’ve started to make my connections in this city which includes getting to know the incredibly unique and vibrant neighborhoods here. With that in mind we hired Corinna to take us on a personalized tour of Little Havana, and what a pleasure that was!

My husband and I have been able to indulge in a great deal of travel and in those travels we’ve met some amazing tour guides. These are people who live and breathe the essence of their cities and neighborhoods. Corinna is such an individual.

She has been meticulous in her study and understanding of one of my Miami’s most storied neighborhoods. Not only does she “walk the beat” as a resident of Little Havana, she has also researched the complex and fascinating history of the neighborhood including the blend of multiple cultures and races as well as the socio-economic forces behind it. By research I mean that she’s literally done the research through the eyes of an academic.

With Corinna you’re not only gaining access to a passionate resident of Little Havana you’re also learning about the neighborhood from an academic who approaches her subject of study meticulously without cutting corners. Let’s just say you are getting your investment back threefold on a tour with her because she brings her skill sets as a Cultural Anthropologist and Author to her craft of tour guide.

So if you have ever been curious about Little Havana, which if you are new or old resident of Miami you absolutely should be curious about this gen of a community, or if you are just visiting, Corinna is your best bet to truly understand the heartbeat of this community. Highly, highly recommend her tours! She’s also charming and engaging making her Little Havana tour experience a special treat.”

Viviana M. Rueda, VP of Digital Marketing & Brand Management, United Derm Partners

“Dr. Corinna Moebius provided an outstanding field trip experience for my high school Cultural Anthropology class. She catered the trip to meet our needs, providing not only a wealth of information on the history of the area’s sculptures and monuments, but also highlighting the nuances of local music, clothing, lifestyle, and religious influences which have been shaped by the blending of cultures.

Although most of my students had been to Little Havana before, none of us had seen it from such an informative perspective, and we all learned so much.

We had a wonderful time, and I hope to take my next Cultural Anthropology class to see her again!.”

Melissa Beske


“Corinna was a superb guide and one of the best we have had. She imparted to us so much valuable information in terms of the contributions of Afro-Cubans and African Americans to the area and culture. She went over the origins of Cuban rumba, the impact of sugar, important racial elements, where the club Ball and Chain got its name and so much more diverse important information. I highly recommend her.”

Jay A.


“Corinna Moebius is the perfect tour guide to show and teach you about the life, history, events, and the people who are currently part of Little Havana’s neighborhood. The first time I arranged a tour with Corinna was in 2012 for the preparatory school where I work at. Needless to say that both the students and I were fascinated by her knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion.

Ever since, we have organized educational tours for several of our Spanish classes. Each year Corinna adds new information and details to her tours. She keeps current and shows fascinating details and insights that make the experience memorable wanting to come back to Little Havana. I highly recommend Corinna to any family member or friend who comes to visit Miami. Furthermore, I would recommend it to any high school teacher who would like to integrate and connect its curriculum to the outside world.”

Maria M.


“Our 3-hour walking tour of Little Havana was an absolutely fantastic experience. It became the highlight of our Florida visit.
Corinna is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, experienced, engaging and professional. We came away from the tour well informed and beyond satisfied.”