You’re likely sick of platforms like Zoom by now, if you’ve had to use it a lot during the COVID crisis. Yet online learning does not have to be boring.

While I do use Zoom for online courses and workshops, I do not treat you as a passive learner nor do I pack too many people into a single teaching session. I am also exploring ways to conduct workshops that do not rely (entirely) on Zoom.

For my classes, I assign activities that engage all of your senses, whether you have to stay at home or not (during COVID). I still believe strongly in getting you OFF your computer and into a greater awareness of the material world of your body and your senses.

And even during the COVID-19 outbreak, I am able to continue using my EPICA teaching approach. I am currently creating online/offline, interactive, media-rich projects (interventions) to enhance your learning.


Moebius was interactive and also you can tell she was knowledgeable and passionate about community building. I am glad for her expertise and perspective, her links and examples were applicable and helpful.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Moebius very much. She has inspired me to go back to my community and impact change. She has invigorated me in a profound way! I love her session. She is awesome!! Bring her back. Miami needs to hear her.

workshop participant (Neighborhood Leadership Institute)

I loved the specifics of the presentation and the format it was presented in. The specifics were a huge part of understanding what I could do without having to reinvent the wheel.

workshop participant (Neighborhood Leadership Institute)

The presenter was amazing and very inspiring! I loved her! I love Little Havana too! I learned a lot today, thanks!

The workshop was informative and well structured. There were so many resources shared that I was unaware of and I am pleased with all of the knowledge shared. Great energy!!

workshop participant (Neighborhood Leadership Institute)

Corinna, thanks again for the outstanding presentation you gave at the NCRC (National Community Reinvestment Coalition) Conference. I was really impressed with the information you shared with the workshop participants. Keep up the good work!

Dean Lovelace, Community Leadership Consultant, Center for Leadership in Community

The instructor, Corinna, really brought this class to life. Her experience and enthusiasm for the topic was evident by the class materials, real world examples and applications of theory. Corinna fostered a classroom environment that encouraged open discussion which further enriched the overall experience and learning.

Student in class on Online Content Development at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies

Corinna’s passion for her subject matter comes through — and it made the class all the more enjoyable. There was lots of opportunity for sharing — a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Her handouts were also thorough and well-designed and have earned a place in my reference file.

Participant in workshop at the Women’s Business Center

Ms. Moebius is an excellent instructor. She really cares and does know her material well – I am never bored. This is one of the most educational courses I have taken at CSUN.

Student in one of my Public Speaking classes at California State University, Northridge

I thought Corinna was a very dynamic as well as enthusiastic teacher. She really made an effort to bring out the best in every student. For a required general educational course I found this one of the most enjoyable I have had to date. Corinna is an excellent teacher and is an asset to the university.

Student in one of my Public Speaking classes at California State University, Northridge

I’ve learned so much, not only in conquering my fear of making speeches but also in the areas of critical thinking. I honestly enjoyed the class that I wish I could have it for the rest of the year. Truly, this class changed my view and perspective towards communicating with other people. I’ll really miss this class.

Student in one of my Public Speaking classes at California State University, Northridge

“We live with one another on a rare life-sustaining planet as it makes a few dozen turns around its modest and finite star. The real news on this planet is love — why it exists, where it came from, and where it’s going. How love fares against hate and indifference is the only reliable measure of historical progress that we have.”

Gil Bailie