Arts-Based Civic Engagement

Here are some resources for those of you who are interested in arts-based civic engagement. I will continue to add to this page. I hope you find these materials helpful. If you are interested in my advice as a consultant on your project, you can contact me here.

I wish you the best with your arts-based civic engagement project!

Some Slides from the Presentation ….

Key Resources

Animating Democracy. This site has an extensive collection of resources for people interested in arts and civic engagement work.

What is the Arts & Civic Engagement? (Americans for the Arts)

Alternate Roots – Resources

The Center for Artistic Activism

Contracts with Community/Agency Partners

The Power of Arts in Civic Engagement (Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors)

Transforming Community Development Through Arts & Culture (Community Development Innovation Review, 2019).

Case Studies: